Dir: Alfred Hitchcock
Cast: James Stewart, John Dall, Farley Granger
80mins   1948   US   PG   English   

Part of the Hitchcock: The Post War Thrillers Season, featuring a live introduction by Robert Senior

Brandon and Phillip share an apartment in New York City. Brandon and Phillip also believe that their superior intellect gives them the right to kill off those who are 'beneath' them - in this case, their old college classmate. A few minutes after hiding the body, in a confident display of arrogance, they proceed to host a dinner party where all  of the guests are acquaintances of the recently (albeit unknowingly) deceased.

Rope is one of the first films to be shot in 'real time', with one long, seemingly uninterrupted take, as well as Alfred Hitchcock's first colour film.

'A perverse, provocative entertainment' - Geoff Andrew, Time Out


Sun 25 August


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