Rosemary’s Baby

Dir: Roman Polanski
Cast: Mia Farrow, John Cassavetes, Ruth Gordon
137mins   1969   US   18   English    F-Rated

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Part of our Saturday Horror season

After moving into an old apartment building inhabited only by elderly residents, Rosemary and her struggling actor husband Guy start noticing suspicious goings on in the block of flats.  After Guy becomes more friendly with their eccentric neighbours and Rosemary suddenly falls pregnant, she starts down a spiralling staircase of paranoia regarding her new acquaintances - and the safety of her unborn baby - despite her husbands reassurances.

'It is a creepy film and a crawly film, and a film filled with things that go bump in the night. It is very good' - Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun Times

'A supremely intelligent and convincing adaptation of Ira Levin's Satanist thriller' - Geoff Andrew, Time Out


Sat 3 August