Dir: Béla Tarr
Cast: Mihály Vig, Putyi Horváth, László feLugossy
432mins   1994   Hungary | Germany | Switzerland   15   Hungarian    Subtitled   

Please note: this film is 7hrs 20mins long, and will include two intervals

Inhabitants of a small village in Hungary deal with the effects of the fall of Communism. The town's source of revenue, a factory, has closed, and the locals, who include a doctor and three couples, await a cash payment offered in the wake of the shuttering.

Irimias, a villager thought to be dead, returns and, unbeknownst to the locals, is a police informant. In a scheme, he persuades the villagers to form a commune with him.

'A magnum opus to end all magna opera, a dark, funny, apocalyptic allegory of the Hungarian psyche that stimulates, irritates, soothes and startles with blinding strokes of genius in equal turn' - Derek Elley, Variety


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Sun 22 October