Secret Life of Walter Mitty

Dir: Norman Z. McLeod
Cast: Danny Kaye, Virginia Mayo, Boris Karloff
110mins   1947   USA   U   English   

A mild-mannered pushover, Walter Mitty longs to be free of his mundane existence, where has to contend with his pushy mother and flighty fiancée, among others. Indulging in elaborate daydreams, Walter finds himself on a real adventure when the lovely and enigmatic Rosalind ropes him into a situation involving valuable jewels, a little black book, and a sinister criminal named Dr. Hugo Hollingshead.

'Director Norman Z McLeod’s 1947 comedy gem turned out to be one of Danny Kaye’s finest and most admired and enjoyed films. It’s simple humour from a different era, but it’s still sweet and charming' - Derek Winnert

This film is being screened for the Book to Film Club


Thu 7 March