Sense & Sensibility Sunday: A Dance Workshop

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You are cordially invited to partake in Sense & Sensibility Sunday: A Dance Workshop on Sunday 18 June at 14:00

To celebrate our Book to Film Club screening of Sense & Sensibility, we invite you to join us for a delightful journey back in time to 1795. With your three esteemed hosts (dressed in authentic Regency attire), you can immerse yourself in the elegant and refined world of the early 19th century.

Your hosts will lead you through a series of four classic dances from the Regency period, accompanied with the exquisite talents of Miss Heyrick on the recorder. With expert guidance, you'll learn the steps and movements necessary to dance like a true Regency lady or gentleman.

But this is no ordinary dance class! Your hosts will also regale you with tales of Regency life; sharing everything from proper etiquette in the King's presence to understanding the language of the fans. You'll feel as though you've stepped back in time as you learn about the customs and social norms of the era.

You do not need to have a partner or to have had any previous dance experience to attend; just a curiosity to experience a glimpse into Regency life!


Sun 18 June