Sensing Through Scent

120mins   15   

Part of  Artwave 2021

An evening of discovery through scent with local perfumer and trained nose, Nancy Meiland

Thursday 16 September, 19:30
Ticket includes glass of prosecco or elderflower fizz.

Have you ever felt curious about the world of Perfume? Allow Nancy to guide you through a micro-history of perfume from its earliest forms to a crystal balling into the role of perfume in the future. What can we do to improve our sense of smell and how can we use scent as a meditation - a way to come home to ourselves. Tickets include a glass of fizz on arrival and the opportunity to have a 1:1 fragrance consultation with Nancy after the talk.

Nancy Meiland is a perfumer and trained nose who shaped her career in bespoke perfumery, designing signature scent for this coveting something highly individual and special. PAPER LEAF is Nancy’s collection of five fragrances and one perfume Attar as Nancy Meiland PARFUMS. She has created them as an ode to all she treasures, and her hope is that they come to mean the same to those who wear them. Her belief is that every scent that touches your skin defines you and redefines your space, helping to project the image of yourself that you want to convey.


Thu 16 September