Shadow Puppet workshop

90mins   U   

Straight after our Saturday morning children's screening of The Secret of Kells, we're offering a puppet workshop aimed at children aged 7+.

The 90 minute session is run by nationally known puppeteer Manju Gregory, who has performed puppetry on BBC children's television and in theatres around the UK.

The workshop begins with Manju inviting children to watch examples of traditional shadow puppets from all around the world. She explains the various ways to create movement, and build characters and stories.

Then the children get creative on paper - drawing characters and settling on a design. Once they're ready, they cut them from black card, and attach hinges and sticks. Then they get to play with the projector and screen, testing out backgrounds, colours and fades. Throughout the session, Manju guides and interacts with the group. Parents of very young children are encouraged to get involved (sharp scissors are used to create holes for hinges, so children have to be 7+ or accompanied by an adult for those bits!)