Sunday Afternoon Lecture: British social realism

120mins   U   

This talk is part of our Autumn Lecture series. To find out about the other talks in this series visit our Courses page.

Social realism in UK film evokes a wet, windy, concrete council estate and a tale of painful emotion, social conflict, loss, and destitution. Not exactly magical or warmly escapist entertainment.

But social realism can bring us rich insights into lived human experience and a chance to explore important issues relating to how we live in the world today.

This lecture, delivered by Julian Bowker, aims to bring out the key features of social realist film practitioners tackling the realities of everyday lives of people in the British Isles.

About the speaker:

Julian Bowker has been teaching film and film theory for over 30 years. For a time he was also an Education Officer at the BFI (British Film Institute) where his role was to encourage an ongoing appreciation of film and help develop media literacy across audiences.


Sun 1 October