The Crowd

Dir: King Vidor
Cast: Eleanor Boardman, James Murray, Bert Roach
98mins   1928   US   PG   

Part of Artwave 2023 at Depot

This screening will include a live musical accompaniment from Terry Davies and Anna Cooper, and an introduction from Depot's Chair of Trustees, Robert Senior

John, an ambitious but undisciplined New York City office worker, meets and marries Mary. They start a family, struggle to cope with marital stress, financial setbacks, and tragedy, all while lost amid the anonymous, pitiless throngs of the big city.

'The performances are absolutely flawless, and astonishing location work in the busy New York streets (including a giddy tour of Coney Island on a blind date) lends a gritty ring of truth to his intensely human odyssey' - Tom Milne, Time Out