The Disappearance of Shere Hite

Dir: Nicole Newnham
Cast: Dakota Johnson, Shere Hite, Michael Conrad
118mins   2023   US   15   French | English    F-Rated

Presented with WOFFF short Jazmin (2021)

Shere Hite's 1976 bestselling book, The Hite Report, liberated the female orgasm by revealing the most private experiences of thousands of anonymous survey respondents.

Her findings rocked the American establishment and presaged current conversations about gender, sexuality, and bodily autonomy. So how did Shere Hite disappear?

'It’s a fascinating and enraging film and a timely reminder of the courage of members of the feminist vanguard' - Wendy Ide, Observer

If you would like information about the content of this film, including potentially triggering material, please click here for guidance from the BBFC


Jazmin (2021)
Nicole Sullivan | 2021 | Australia | Documentary | 4min

Jazmin Theodora is a local legend and Tarot reader in Nimbin, a village in the Northern Rivers area of New South Wales, Australia. Jazmin uses her psychic abilities to help people get in touch with who they are. A story about being yourself, owning who you are - and being proud of it.