The Idol

Dir: Hany Abu-Assad
Cast: Tawfeek Barhom, Kais Attalah, Hiba Attalah
100mins   2015   Palestine, UK, Qatar   PG   Arabic, Spanish    Subtitled   

Gaza. Synonymous to so many with conflict, destruction and despair but to Mohammed Assaf, and his sister Nour, Gaza is their home and their playground. It's where they, along with their best friends Ahmad and Omar, play music, football and dare to dream big. Their band might play on second hand, beaten up instruments but their ambitions are sky-high. For Mohammed and Nour, nothing less than playing the world famous Cairo Opera Hall will do. It might take them a lifetime to get there but, as Mohammed will find out, some dreams are worth living for.

'Directed by the twice Oscar-nominated Hany Abu-Assad, it is remarkable for dancing deftly between politics and melodrama without coming down heavily on either side' - Kevin Maher, The Times

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