The Lost Prince

Dir: Michel Hazanavicius
Cast: Omar Sy, François Damiens, Bérénice Bejo 
105mins   2020   France | Belgium   12A   French    Subtitled   

Part of the French Film Festival

The latest film from Oscar-winning director Michel Hazanavicius (The Artist) is a modern-day fairy tale starring Omar Sy and Bérénice Bejo.

Sy plays a single widowed dad who refuses to leave the world of make-believe he’s built over the years for his 11-year-old daughter, who’s growing up faster than he'd care to admit. He’s so obsessed with keeping the status quo, until he eventually embraces the reality of adolescence. Initially enamoured by her dad’s bedtime stories, daughter Sofia (Sarah Gaye) is turning into a young adult who needs some serious alone time at night, not to mention time to exchange texts with a boy in her class, Max (Néotis Ronzon), who seems to have caught her eye.

'A meta-fictional take on the kind of family-friendly fantasies usually made by Disney …cleverly conceived' - Hollywood Reporter



Sat 5 December