The Raid: Redemption

Dir: Gareth Evans
Cast: Iko Uwais, Ray Sahetapy
101mins   2011   Indonesia | France | UK   18   Indonesian    Subtitled   

Part of Depot's Martial Arts Season

A rookie member of an elite team of commandos, Rama is instructed to hang back while his comrades-in-arms go ahead with their mission to take down a brutal crime lord called Tama.

However, the team's cover is blown, and Tama offers sanctuary to every criminal in his high-rise apartment block in exchange for the cops' heads. Now Rama must take command and lead his remaining team on an ultraviolent charge through the building to complete -- and survive -- the mission.

'Remember your first time with Hard Boiled? Die Hard? This is how it's done - a clean, hard, constant hit of adrenalin' - Simon Crook, Empire


Tue 28 March