The Story of a Three Day Pass

Dir: Melvin Van Peebles
Cast: Harry Baird, Nicole Berger
87mins   1967   France   no rating   English | French    Subtitled   

Part of Black History Month at Depot

Turner, an African American soldier stationed in France, is granted a promotion and a three-day leave from base by his casually racist commanding officer and heads to Paris, where he finds whirlwind romance with a white woman - but what happens to their love when his furlough is over?

Channeling the brash exuberance of the French New Wave, director Martin Van Peebles creates an exploration of the psychology of an interracial relationship as well as a commentary on France’s contradictory attitudes about race that is playful, sarcastic, and stingingly subversive by turns.

'Although its protagonist is American and much of the film is in English, the movie reflects the stylistic variety and the freewheeling innovation of the French New Wave' - Richard Brody,  New Yorker


Tue 26 October