There’s Another Country

Dir: Martin Nichols
Cast: Russell Floyd, Kitty Rose Newbury, David Samson, Paddy O'Keeffe
100mins   2022   UK   15   English   

A Cinemas of the Mind screening - please join us in our studio for a post-film discussion

Brightonian Martin Nichols' attempt to engage with what's been happening in the UK since Brexit, the film reflects not just on the recent experience of the pandemic, but seeks out echoes of this trauma both in his own family history as well as in the Blitz and finally through an account of the biggest industrial accident ever to happen in the UK in 1913.

Shot entirely on Super 8, partly in order to integrate old home movie footage, but mainly as a way of replicating the visual 'look' of the post-war consensus, which ended more or less at the same time as the emergence of digital photography.

"Everything locks together and moves so seamlessly and inevitably that it seemed a shorter film, more compacted and driven, not relentlessly but with a quiet sense of purpose and attentiveness to our expectations from narrative” - Richard Jacobs, Honorary Fellow at the University of Brighton


Mon 23 January