There’s No Business Like Show Business

Dir: Walter Lang
Cast: Marilyn Monroe, Ethel Merman, Donald O'Connor
117mins   1954   US   U   English   

This is a dementia-friendly screening 

This is a screening with a difference – each guest will be given a bag of props to playfully immerse themselves in the films and re-engage them with the joy of cinema.

Terrance Donahue and wife Molly are a successful vaudeville team, known as the Five Donahues once they are joined by their children Steve, Katy and Tim. After Tim meets  hat check girl/aspiring performer Vicky (Marilyn Monroe) at a local night club, and things start to fall apart for the family. Can the Five Donahues endure through the hardships that surround show business?

Expected end time: 17:00

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