Trans-Actions: An Exploration of Gender Dysphoria

Dir: Silke Steidinger
165mins   2018   UK   15   English   

Cinemas of the Mind event with post-film panel discussion

A collection of interviews with key figures exploring the treatment of gender dysphoria, with an emphasis on respecting complexity and on keeping dialogues open, not silenced by allegations of transphobia on the one hand or by the shaming of difference on the other.

Silke Steidinger’s documentary is presented as a ‘talking heads conversation’, weaving together excerpts from her interviews with Mr Christopher Inglefield, E-j Scott, Susie Orbach, Emily Joh Miller, Robert Withers, Peter Tatchell, Susan Matthews, Prof. Peter Fonagy and James Caspian. The film-maker is an artist, designer, documentary and experimental film-maker, performer, musician, attachment-based psychoanalytic psychotherapist and sociological researcher exploring being human.

The film will be followed by a live panel discussion with its director, Silke Steidinger, and two of the contributors to the film, Robert Withers, psychoanalytic psychotherapist, and Emily Joh Miller, trans theatre-maker and musician. It is hoped that the discussion will echo the spirit of the film; that it can be an open dialogue that listens to, and respects, different perspectives. 

Introduced and chaired by Jenny Leeburn and Dr Robert Snell.

Cinemas of the Mind is part of the Arts Forum of Psychotherapy Sussex.