Virtual Reality Experience: Art

45mins   12A   

Part of Artwave at Depot

This intimate VR experience will take you on two immersive journeys:

PROMENADE immerses you into a series of deconstructed city scenes developed from a series of iconic Lino prints by artist Mike Hatjoullis. It tells Mike's story from 2nd generation Greek Cypriot immigrant restaurant worker in 1950's Blackpool, to influential RCA Textile Designer and Master Printmaker.

(HI)STORY OF A PAINTING: WHAT IS THE POINT? journeys into an animated experience that uncovers the story of the man behind La Grande Jatte, Georges Seurat, and its historic importance. This painting was revolutionary in more ways than one: it was made possible thanks to the industrial revolution and was the precursor to what we today call the “pixel.” But it was not always well received.

The VR environment comes to life with imagery illustrating the narrative and gives a sense of scale of the artwork, allowing anyone, from anywhere in the world, to form an intimate bond with La Grande Jatte. The experience follows Georges' winding path to success and illustrates how an artist can come from anywhere.