Virtual Reality Experience: Art

45mins   12A   

Part of Depot's Climate Action Festival 2023

This intimate VR experience will take you on two immersive journeys:

Drop in the Ocean – Give into the urge to submerge! From the perspective of a tiny plankton, you’ll explore the ocean and see why the need to protect is so urgent. Ride a jellyfish. Meet a leatherback turtle. Come face-to-face with a whale shark.

Step into the The Museum of Imagined Futures which exhibits predictions for the future and enables visitors to step forward in time and get a glimpse of how humans and technology might live in balance with nature.

This event is classified with a 12A certification. Sessions are 45 minutes and include full tutorial and support to use the VR headsets. Each experience is approximately 10 minutes long (total 20 minutes viewing time).

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