Whisk(e)y tasting at Depot

120mins   18   

Part of Lewes OctoberFeast

A Tutored Tasting of Whisk(e)ys by Mark Ridgwell, local author of 'Spirits Distilled', helping you to discover the whisk(e)ys you like.

From his earliest experiences with spirits, working for various leading spirits companies, Mark has always recognised opportunities to present spirits as being much more than the creation of marketeers. On leaving the corporate world in 1998, Mark founded ‘Taste & Flavour’, a network of speakers, all specialists in their fields and dedicated to growing recognition for spirits. More recently, he has written 'Spirits Distilled' to share his knowledge with those keen to discover spirits

Mark’s passion is to inspire others to seek out the origins of drinks; to learn about their histories and the stories of those who created them, how they are made and why they taste different. Only then does he believe people will be properly equipped to make the informed choices necessary for their enjoyment of the many and varied spirits that now fill today’s back bars.

Whisk(e)y is often overwhelmed with prejudice and ignorance, so here is an opportunity to taste whisk(e)ys of the world - from Scotland, Japan, Ireland and America - to discover how and why they differ and hopefully find at least one that could become a future favourite.