WOFFF: Burn Your Playhouse Down

85mins   India, UK, Germany, Denmark, Italy   15    F-Rated

Programme Two Women Over Fifty Film Festival 2019

Maya Angelou said “Anger is like fire. It burns it all clean.” Tales of fury, revenge and destruction. Done to us. Done by us.

Tell it to the Walls(Meera Krishnamurthy, 2017, Animation) 
House of Our Own (Scheibert, Dagmar, 2018, Experimental)
re:play (Jeehye Kay Jang, 2019, Documentary)
Invisible Women (Alice Smith, 2018, Documentary)
With or Without You (Angela Prudenzi, 2018, Drama)
Slingshot (Robin Haig, 2018, Drama)


Sat 21 September