WOFFF: I am (Older) Woman: Hear Me Roar!

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Free Lecture | Women Over Fifty Film Festival 2019

I am (Older) Woman: Hear Me Roar!: Rethinking the Incredible Invisible Older Woman

Is it oxymoronic to be a professional, powerful woman over the age of 60? From actress Glenn Close at 71 to politicians Nancy Pelosi at 78 and Theresa May at 62 it seems erasure and invisibility doesn't have to be the fate of the post-menopausal woman. Yet at the same time actual women in their 60's and 70's are finding it increasingly difficult to find employment, much less reach levels of success and achievement. Looking at television and film production as well as media more generally, Dr Brenda Weber asks if the powerful older woman is the exception that proves the rule or a new way of thinking about older women in the media?


Sat 21 September