WOFFF: Meet Your Monsters

85mins   UK, USA, Japan   15    F-Rated

Programme Five Women Over Fifty Film Festival 2019

What are you scared of? Creatures in the nighttime forest, a seaside breakfast fry-up, the horror of losing something, anything, everything?

Full English (Charlie Parham, 2018, Drama)
Beyond Beauty (Ellen Pearson and Tyro Heath, 2018, Documentary)
Down (Garry Crystal, 2018, Drama)
Home to the Hangers (A.D. Cooper, 2017, Drama)
Bull Mountain Lookout (Vanessa Newell, 2018, Drama)
Silent Ruin (Jonah Jones, 2018, Drama)
MIX (Kotoko Nakamura, 2018, Animation)
Stranger by the Sea (Sule Takmaz Nisancioglu, 2019, Documentary)


Sun 22 September