Women for Global Peace and Sustainability

120mins   15    F-Rated

Part of International Women's Day 2024

Join us for a series of talks to celebrate International Women's Day 2024, under the title 'Women for Global Peace and Sustainability' and featuring the following speakers:

Speaker - Nardos Michael - "Because of her, I can"
Nardos Michael was born to Eritrean freedom fighters who immigrated to the UK in 1992 when she was just four. Now a 36 year old mother of two, Nardos is an Executive Assistant from London working within the Insurance sector, and also represents the National Union of Eritrean Women UK as chairwoman.

Speaker - Sonja Baksi - "Celebrating global initiatives: women for positive change"
Worked over a 40 year period in the NHS. On retiring from her post of Community Child Health Consultant, she joined a course at Sussex University for B.A. Cultural Studies. She subsequently lectured locally on a wide range of topics and is an active member of several campaign groups.

Speaker - Dr Janet Baah - "African women: Actors and Agents of change in History and today"
Leader, educator, researcher, and activist, she founded and leads Manna Education FoundationDr Baah works as an Education and Development consultant and a research associate at the University of Sussex; serves as a Councillor and a Governor, and trains and mentors African liberals. She will offer her perspective on the challenges and opportunities for African women in their quest for liberty, justice, and harmony.

Moderator - Dr Juliet Millican
Work is centred around the triple nexus of humanitarian response, development and peacebuilding. As an educationalist she has been involved in community, non-formal and higher education and peacebuilding, nationally and internationally, for nearly 30 years and undertaken multiple consultancy roles in facilitation, project management, civic education and organisational development in Africa and the Middle East. She has worked at universities in the UK and run learning journeys for the Foreign and Development Office (FCDO) on civil society, education, climate, conflict and Systems Thinking and hosted large scale inter-agency meetings for WFP, UNICEF, the World Bank and FCDO. She currently co-ordinates a small UK based NGO which supports front line community responders globally in the context of disaster and displacement.


Fri 8 March