Bloody Valentine: Lovers On The Run

Depot is celebrating Valentine month with a subversive look at romance through three thrillers about lovers on the run, a sub-genre which took off during the youth rebellion in the 1960s. The films explore romantic relationships involving amoral charactors pursued by the law and crime bosses, and featuring strong female leads.

Made in 1967, Bonnie & Clyde was a landmark movie which broke many Hollywood taboos in depicting a pair of ruthless killers as likeable heroes, engaging with a new youth counter culture. Based on true events it heralded an era of cinematic violence and is now regarded as a true American classic. In 1971 the controversial director Sam Peckinpah adapted a hardboiled thriller by Jim Thompson into a taut lean thriller, The Getaway, with a cool, laconic Steve McQueen on the run with his girlfriend, played by Ali McGraw.

It was a fascination with this theme that encouraged a young Quentin Tarantino to script the 1993 thriller True Romance with Christian Slater and Patricia Arquette. Directed by Tony Scott, the film features all of Tarantino’s trademark dialogue and gallows humour.

Films in this season

True Romance 18
Thu 14 Feb 20:30
From the minds of Quentin..

Bonnie and Clyde 15
Sun 17 Feb 14:00
The story of the most..

The Getaway 18
Tue 19 Feb 20:30
After pulling strings to be..