In America in the late 60s counter culture new types of movies challenged authority and the establishment. Some of these such as Easy Rider espoused liberal values but others took the stance that crime needed a tough response. A new breed of directors and writers embarked on a number of maverick cop thrillers which were notable for classic action sequences, exciting location shooting and cool laconic male stars.

Bullitt (1968) featured Steve McQueen in perhaps his most iconic role as a gritty police officer fighting both a crime gang and corrupt politicians. Shot on the streets of San Francisco it features the most famous car chase in movie history. William Friedkin’s The French Connection (1971) is a tough and relentless thriller shot in New York with Gene Hackman outstanding as Popeye Doyle, a cop who will stop at nothing to destroy a French drug gang. The film also has a classic car pursuit and garnered five Oscars. The tough cop thriller Dirty Harry (1971) starred Clint Eastwood as the iconic Harry Callaghan on the trail of a serial killer in San Francisco. The film which opened to huge critical acclaim spawned several sequels and featured some of the most famous movie lines in history.

All films introduced by Robert Senior.

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