Hitchcock: The Post War Thrillers

After the end of the second world war Alfred Hitchcock continued his career in America with a series of gripping psychological thrillers, creating some of his best and most famous work. Notorious (1946) is a psychologically perverse spy thriller masquerading as a romance with Ingrid Bergman and Cary Grant in famous roles. Written by Ben Hecht the film is one of Hitchcock’s best and is presented in a newly restored 4K print.

Deep now into psychological territory Hitchcock then directed Rope (1948), which was based on a stage play by the Brighton born writer Patrick Hamilton and is famous for being shot in a single take. The season closes with Strangers on a Train (1951) a gripping thriller based on the novel by Patricia Highsmith and with a screenplay by Hecht and Raymond Chandler. The twisty narrative is a dark morality tale and the film features many classic Hitchcock flourishes. All films will feature live introductions by Robert Senior.

Films in this season

Strangers On A Train PG
Mon 2 Sep 20:30
What if two perfect strangers..

Rope PG
Sun 25 Aug until Mon 2 Sep 17:30
A thrilling 'real time' tale..