Musicals! The Greatest Show on Screen | BFI Tour

Dust off your dancing shoes, practice your scales and join us for some heart-lifting movies

Want to escape our troubled times? Immerse yourself in the emotional, life-enhancing pleasures of the musical. Expect the biggest stars! Expect epic song-and-dance routines! Expect Technicolor! Expect exclamation marks!!! We’ll be celebrating musical talent from the late 1920s to today, rubbing sequinned shoulders with the stars, and exploring the visionary work of those behind the camera, artists who transformed the musical into the most joyful and creative of film genres.

Going beyond escapism, our global journey will see how the musical tackled the Depression, confronted racism and how it continues to reflect the contemporary world. But most of all we’ll be having fun.

Robin Baker, Head Curator, BFI National Archive