Rights of Nature

70mins   12A   

Rights of Nature - Ecoforensic (Equador) 18 mins
What does it mean to defend the "Rights of Nature"? Find out more about Ecoforensics in Equador and working with a network of community Paraecologists to defend the natural world around us.
Water has a memory (North America) 12 mins
Matriarch and Environmental Ambassador for the Ponca Nation, Casey Camp-Horinek takes us through the occupied territory of Ponca City, Oklahoma. Through the ancestral teachings of her Ponca culture, Casey has been protecting the Water, Mother Earth and Father Sky through the Rights of Nature and climate justice—while defiantly standing up against giants of industry for Indigenous rights and future generations.
Cold Rights (Arctic) 13mins
From the thawing of permafrost to the melting of polar ice caps, from the disintegration of sea ice to the disappearance of mountain glaciers, the changing material state of ice has direct consequences for rights-based thinking and action under the accelerated conditions of global warming. The “right to be cold” is one such provocation.
Rights for the River Ouse 7 mins
On 24th November 2023 a Rights of River Summit targeted at academics, national groups working on rights of rivers and local stakeholders involved in the local Rights of River Ouse
motion. The intention for the Summit was to help progress the River Ouse Rights of River work significantly. This short provides an introduction to the live talk in conversion with Love Our Ouse and Lewes District Council (TBC) looking at the developing Ouse Charter; the opportunities and challenges.


Tue 25 June