Rolling with the Punctures

120mins   PG   

A LIVE event in the Depot studio

Rolling with the Punctures is a state of mind…

It's also an 8,000km bumpy bike ride that Mike Elm went on in 2023 from his dad's home country of England to his mother's home country of Greece via Tunisian Sandstorms, Bosnian mountains and Albanian errr… also mountains, and some places in between.

Hear about hunting for Roman aqueducts, meeting the Amazigh people in Tunisia, learning the ancient Kanun laws of Albania, Europe's deepest canyon, scorpions, midnight boars, real forests, sweet 'grav' and coming face to face with the climate crisis. Expect silly puns and sweet pics from Mike's 7 months on (and off) the road.

There will also be time for questions about the trip, bikepacking, life, the universe and everything and time for meeting and chatting to fellow attendees.