The Art of Directing

420mins   18   

A one day masterclass on directing for film
Sat 12 October, 10:15 - 17:15
£100, with lunch included

So you’ve read all the books on directing, seen countless YouTube videos, but you still feel no one’s talking about what it actually takes to become a great director? The problem is that 90% of the information out there is on technique and rules. But what about the art? It’s not enough to know how to get a great shot, you also have to know why.

In this unique course filmmaker Robert Dee will take you beyond technical understanding and teach you the art of directing. Through practical techniques and strategic workflows - based on visual subtext and the psychology of camera - you’ll develop powerful visual language to create meaning and depth in your films and captivate audiences.

This workshop will cover: The Classical Continuity System, Creating Meaning, Visual Subtext, Building a Language with Keyframes, Narrative Point of View & The Psychology of Camera.


Robert Dee is a practising filmmaker with over twenty years professional experience in filmmaking and lecturing. He previously ran the BA Filmmaking Undergraduate course at Raindance Film School and also holds a Masters in Filmmaking. He has lectured at the Raindance Festival and Miskatonic Institute of Horror Studies. Robert’s previous students have gone on to win festival awards, earn places at the New York Film School, work on shows such as Inside No.9, and direct multi-million dollar campaign films.


Sat 12 October