Weekend Filmmaking

330mins   18   

Sat 11 & Sun 12 November
10:30 - 4pm

Love films? Like to have a go yourself? Join Anthony* for a fun and accessible weekend introduction to shooting and editing your own films using your phone and basic editing software.

On the Saturday you’ll be introduced to the basics of filmmaking; framing your shots, breaking down a scene and creating an edit from your material. And on the Sunday you’ll have a go at putting this into practise by making your very own (very) short film. Practical guidance will also be supported with some relevant theory to get you thinking about existing approaches to filming stories.

Although the course is geared towards using smartphones, to keep the technical barrier as low as possible, you are more than welcome to bring along your own digital cameras and kit to film with if you wish.

*Anthony Gates who, as well as being Depot's Education Manager, has had years experience teaching film and filmmaking to both children and adults.