Pause: Photography Inspired by Film (Short Course)

This four week practical course explores photography by looking at inspirational filmmakers. From 19:00 – 20:30 on Wednesdays from Sept 18 to Oct 9. The sessions are led by Kate Swanson, qualified teacher and working photographer.

Week 1 – Introduction to DSLR, Aperture, Group F/64 and Composition with a focus on Jimmy Chin & Elizabeth Vasarhelyi’s Free Solo

Week 2 – Shutter speed, White Balance and capturing movement through a look at Lauren Greenfield’s work

Week 3 – ISO, Zoom Burst and Panning inspired by the films of Spike Lee

Week 4 – Equipment extras and a chance to showcase your images influenced by your chosen films/director.

Participants should bring their own cameras so they can learn how to get the best out of their kit but we do have in house cameras that can be borrowed if this is not possible. The course costs £60.