Make a Doc Week
In February half term Depot is offering a three day course in how to produce a short documentary film. If you are between 10 and 16 and want to learn how to put together and shoot a professional looking documentary then Lara from Press Play Films  will be here to guide you through the process. Lara has previously directed and produced documentaries for the BBC and Channel 4 and is currently directing a documentary about the history of white water kayaking. These will be your short films so you can choose the subject matter and Lara will help you to achieve the style you are looking for. You will be using professional documentary production equipment (some of which Lara uses on her own films) including a boom and mic and Depot’s top of the range editing facilities.

The course, which is only open to 8 participants at a cost of £150 per person, runs on Feb 12, 13 and 14 from 9:00 to 15:00.