Dir: Joe Dante
Cast: Zach Galligan, Phoebe Cates, Hoyt Axton
106mins   1984   US   12A   English   

KINO Collective is proud to present its second screening - Gremlins!

This horror-comedy classic from 1984 follows the story of Billy Peltzer, who is given a small creature called a Mogwai by his father for Christmas - unaware of the carnage he is about to unleash on his small town. Billy has a huge responsibility in looking after his new pet Gizmo; three rules that must never, ever, be broken. They must be kept away from bright light, never made wet and never, under any circumstances, be fed after midnight.

When an accident occurs involving Gizmo and water, the next evolution stage of the Mogwai appears, and the outcome? It isn't nice at all.

'It is a wacky, satirical spectacle of chaos' - Peter Bradshaw, Guardian



Thu 16 December