If the Streets Were on Fire

Dir: Alice Russell
71mins   2022   UK   12A   English    F-Rated

If the Streets Were on Fire follows the social movement BikeStormz. Co-founded by activist Mac Ferrari in 2014, it’s a biannual bike ride-out across London that gives young people a space of safety, liberation and creative freedom where they can stand up against violence and build community.

While offering moments of real inspiration, highlighting the ways in which something as small as a bike club can lead to fundamental changes in young people’s lives, If the Streets Were on Fire also shows how even as they come together to express themselves safely, they’re met with accusations of anti-social behaviour and threats of arrest by the police – demonstrating both the very real physical dangers they face, and the institutional prejudices they meet with in systems of authority.

Full of incredible shots of the city, showcasing the talented riders’ tricks and skills, If the Streets Were on Fire is a tremendously impressive debut and a timely reminder that actions to safeguard and transform our communities can often start with us.

If you would like information about the content of this film, including potentially triggering material, please click here for guidance from the BBFC


Thu 1 August