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Audio described (AD)

Depot offers a selection of AD (audio described) screenings for blind and visually-impaired customers. It’s a bit like the commentary on a sports event.

Equipped with a pair of special headphones, or plugged into your own hearing aid via a lanyard, the system will provide a explanation of the on-screen action in the gaps in the dialogue and sound effects, while the film soundtrack is delivered through the speakers in the normal way.

At Depot, we also have induction loops above the ticket office, food and drink counters and in the Studio. All auditoria are fitted with infrared hearing systems.

Please note, audio description has to be produced by the film distributors. It’s a costly process so not all distributors have a policy of providing AD for all their films.

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Audio Description is completely imperceptible to other (sighted) patrons – it can only be heard if wearing the special headphones or lanyard.

Upcoming audio described performances.

Maestro 15

Fri 8th Dec to Thu 14th Dec

Tish 15

Fri 8th Dec to Sun 10th Dec

Napoleon 15

Fri 8th Dec to Thu 14th Dec

Wonka PG

Fri 8th Dec to Thu 14th Dec