Vindication Swim

Dir: Elliott Hasler
Cast: Kirsten Callaghan, John Locke, Victoria Summer
94mins   2022   UK   PG   English   

Part of International Women's Day 2024

Monday 11 March - Q&A screening with writer & director Elliott Hasler, actor Kirsten Callaghan and actor John Locke. Hosted by Lisa Holloway, Film Studies lecturer and Doctoral Tutor at the University of Sussex.

The film depicts Mercedes’ upstream struggle in overcoming both the cold waters of the English Channel and the oppressive society of 1920s England.

However, after a rival comes forward claiming to have accomplished the same feat, Mercedes is forced into battle to retain her record and her legacy.

If you would like information about the content of this film, including potentially triggering material, please click here for guidance from the BBFC


Fri 8 March


Mon 11 March