Film seasons and threads

Depot collaborates with organisations like House Biennial, the BFI, Lewes U3A and The Japan Foundation to explore a diverse and fascinating programme of film seasons. We also present threads that showcase the best work from directors like David Lean, Sergio Leone and Alfred Hitchcock.

And our Depot Young Programmers curate their own choice of films for young adults.

Lewes U3A science season

Depot once again collaborates with the Lewes U3A to bring you a season of thought-provoking films. This time, the theme is science.

Saturday Horror

On the first Saturday of every month, Depot screens the greatest and most frightening horror films ever made. Across many sub-genres we explore slasher movies, body horror, the occult, zombies – the psychological and the indescribable. Always on the edge of acceptable movie viewing, horror films exploit our inner fears utilising ground breaking film techniques and powerful imagery. Make a date to join us every month for the best of classic horror … if you dare.

Hitchcock: The War Years

In 1939, after a highly successful career in Britain, Alfred Hitchcock moved to Hollywood. Although he was unfit for military service his decision provoked criticism in the UK and he was keen to make some form of contribution. His wartime films all reflected concerns about the period. The season of films includes: Saboteur (1942) which reworked The 39 Steps as a double chase spy thriller across America; the masterful 1943 film Shadow of a Doubt in which “Uncle Charlie” embeds evil roots into small town America; and the exploration of wartime morality and ethics, the ingenious Lifeboat (1944).

Cinemas of the Mind

Cinemas of the Mind meets monthly (on the first Monday of the month) for a post-screening discussion facilitated by Dr Jake Harvey, a forensic psychiatrist, and Jenny Leeburn, a psychoanalytic psychotherapist. The discussion will focus on the psychological aspects of the film, and the emotional impact on the viewer – but the club is very much open to everyone and all perspectives, views and ideas are most welcome (indeed encouraged).

Depot Young Programmers

Depot Young Programmers are a group of young people dedicated to sharing an enthusiasm and knowledge of cinema through the hosting of specially selected screenings and events for young adults.

DYP produce and circulate their own marketing, organise events and aim to create unique, wider viewing opportunities for young people at the Depot. DYP screenings are curated, marketed and delivered by young people for young people, and shown once a month.

Let’s talk about …

An ongoing thread of films to encourage discussion and debate, on topics ranging from the menopause to Brexit. In our most recent screening, Daughter of the Mountain, we considered the ethics of gold. Our next Let’s Talk About … screening will be announced soon.