Accountability: monitoring and taking action

At Depot, we are aware that to make sustained reductions in our emissions we need to regularly quantify all our impacts, embed credible practises and be held to account by ourselves and our community.

Regulation and Policy

We are committed to helping achieve the aims of the UN Paris Agreement  and have chosen to focus our efforts Sustainable Develop Goals 8, 11, 12, 13 and 17.

Read our Sustainability Policy and Action Plan 2019-2025

We call upon our Government to deliver a more robust strategy that will come down to meet grass root actions that are rising up to meet you. We can only do so much without better mitigation and infrastructure. We desperately urge them to adjust their timescale to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2030. It is widely recognised that the 2050 target will be insufficient to avoid catastrophic climate change.

We actively engage with both our town and District Council and are committed to supporting the East Sussex Environmental Strategy.


Depot uses Julie’s Bicycle’s CG Tools to annually measure and monitor the impacts including energy use, water consumption, waste generation and recycling, travel and production materials. The framework uses our collected data to calculate our total annual carbon emissions, compare with previous years performances and benchmark against other cultural organisations. This enables us to have a better understanding of where our impacts lie and helps inform our environmental strategy and priorities.

Our total carbon emissions total for 2021 was 113 tonnes CO2e (carbon tonnes equivalent). It is important to highlight that the huge decrease in emissions in the past two years is, in large part, attributed to being closed for significant periods due to the pandemic in comparison to previous years where we are open 364 days a year. Our operations were of such a complex and fluctuating nature that year that that it is hard to determine where increases or savings were made and which can be attributed to our ongoing commitment to reducing emissions.


In Spring 2020 Depot achieved four out of five stars in it’s first environmental auditing by Julie’s Bicycle. Creative Green Certification recognises and celebrates environmental best practice within the creative and cultural industries.

Organisations are awarded between one and five stars based on points awarded for commitment, understanding and improvement. Depot scored 67 out of a possible 100 points.

It is the only environmental certification scheme designed specifically for this sector and Depot is extremely proud to be part of this pioneering creative community. 

We are absolutely delighted to have won the Highest Achievement for Commitment prize at the national Creative Green Awards 2020.

“Depot’s exemplary approach involves commitment to keep their carbon footprint as low as possible, running every aspect of their operations with sustainability in mind and actively promoting those principles to their local community and the broader sector with engaging environmental programming and activities.”

Graciela Melitsko Thornton

Creative Green Programme Lead, Julie’s Bicycle

Carbon offsetting

Depot invests in a scheme that offset emissions from both its construction phase as well as ongoing operations.

Depot has worked with United Nations Association Eastbourne (UNA Eastbourne) on a comprehensive, accountable and affordable scheme which not only offsets carbon emissions, but also invests in a vital mission in Uganda to replant the remarkable Mvule tree (Melicia excelsa), an oxalogenic species which is excellent for CO2 capture. An estimated 750 tonnes of CO2e were emitted during Depot’s construction, offset by the planting of 500 Mvule trees; while the annual impact of operating the venue is more than offset by planting 480 Mvule trees each year.