Subtitled films are usually foreign language films that have English subtitles. As well as offering a translation of the spoken language, these subtitles can be helpful to hearing-impaired or deaf people, as well as those who struggle with strong accents or those for whom English is not their first language.

Our programme includes many films subtitled into English from other languages. These may also be suitable for deaf or hearing-impaired audiences but won’t always include additional descriptions of sounds.

All auditoria are fitted with infrared hearing systems. Depot can provide special headphones, or you can plug in your own hearing aid via a lanyard. There are hearing loops around the box office, food counter and in the Studio.

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Upcoming subtitled performances.

Yuli 12A

Fri 19th Apr to Thu 25th Apr

Loro 18

Fri 19th Apr to Thu 25th Apr

The Passion of Joan of Arc PG

Sun 21st Apr to Sun 21st Apr

Sunrise U

Mon 22nd Apr to Mon 22nd Apr

Porco Rosso PG

Tue 7th May to Tue 7th May

Wild Strawberries PG

Wed 19th Jun to Wed 19th Jun

Films to be announced shortly