A collection of general and/or recent feature film releases, available across multiple streaming platforms.

Dare to be Wild

Irishwoman Mary Reynold’s journey from rank outsider to winner of a Gold Medal at the Chelsea Flower Show.

Director: Vivienne DeCourcy
Cast: Emma Greenwell, Tom Hughes, Christine Marzan
UK/Ireland, 2016, 1hr 40mins, PG


Koyaanisqatsi is a 1982 American experimental film produced and directed by Godfrey Reggio with music composed by Philip Glass and cinematography by Ron Fricke.The film consists primarily of slow motion and time-lapse footage of cities and many natural landscapes across the United States. Koyaanisqatsi is a Hopi word meaning “Life Out of Balance”.

Director: Godfrey Reggio
US, 1982, 1hr 26mins, U


One of Werner Herzog’s most acclaimed and audacious films, Fitzcarraldo tells the incredible story of Brian Sweeney Fitzgerald, an opera-loving fortune hunter who dreams of bringing opera to the heart of the Peruvian jungle.

Director: Werner Herzog
Cast: Klaus Kinski, Claudia Cardinale
Germany, 1981, 157mins, PG

The Mosquito Coastc

An inventor spurns his city life and moves his family into the jungles of Central America to make a utopia.

Director: Peter Weir
Cast: Harrison Ford, Helen Mirren, River Phoenix
US, 1987, 1hr 58 mins, PG

Woman at War

Hilarious, surprising and poignant, ‘Woman at War’ is the story of middle-aged Halla, part-time choir mistress and part-time guerrilla climate change activist. But while taking out energy pylons, she receives the call that she is eligible to adopt a longed-for child. Halla must make a choice: fight for the future of all humanity or take up the cause of an unwanted child?

Director: Benedikt Erlingsson
Cast: Halldora Geirhardsdottir, Juan Camillo Roman Estrada, Jóhann Sigur∂arson
Iceland, 2019, 100mins, 12


Styx depicts the transformation of a strong woman torn from her contented world during a sailing trip.

Director: Wolfgang Fischer
Cast: Susanne Wolff, Gedion Oduor Wekesa, Kelvin Mutuku Ndinda
Germany/Austria, 2018, 1hr 34mins, 12

Gorillas in the Mist

Sigourney Weaver received an Academy Award nomination for her towering performance as Dian Fossey, the world-famous primatologist who devoted herself to the study of the mountain gorillas of Rwanda. Beautifully shot and directed by Michael Apted, this harrowing and inspiring biography tells the story of an uncommon and brave woman whose convictions and passions may have ultimately lead to her tragic and mysterious murder.

Director: Michael Apted
Cast: Sigourney Weaver, Bryan Brown
US, 1988, 129 Min, 15

The Revenant

A frontiersman on a fur trading expedition in the 1820s fights for survival after being mauled by a bear and left for dead by members of his own hunting team.

Director: Alejandro G. Iñárritu
Cast: Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Hardy, Will Poulter
US, 2015, 2hrs 36mins, 15

The Survivalist

In a time of starvation, a survivalist lives off a small plot of land hidden deep in forest. When two women seeking food and shelter discover his farm, he finds his existence threatened.

Director: Stephen FingletonCast: Martin McCann, Mia Goth, Olwen Fouéré
UK, 2015, 1hr 43mins, 18