You’re Dead America

Filmmaker Jovan Todorovic presents a visceral and enigmatic dramatization of American poet Danez Smith’s eponymous lyric on alienation, violence and salvation in the States. The poem, explores race relations, social disintegration, and the failure of the American Dream

Director: Jovan Todorovic
US, 2018, 8mins, English


The Opened Field

Six boys finding their identity, themselves, this is the hardest task.

Director: Helmie Stil
2017, 5mins, English

How Do You Raise A Black Child?

An important portrait of everyday life for a young black man growing up in America – about the precarious balance black parents have to strike in order to raise their kids ‘right’.

Director: Seyi Peter-Thomas
Cast: Jadis Chenet, Derek A. Clarke, Cathy Salvodon
US, 2016, 5mins, English

Time For Love

Two men hold hands in a public place, but even in 2018, something’s not quite right.

Time For Love is a poem that explores homophobia in modern society, and also the concept of normality. Do the pressures of convention turn us against one another? Is love the price?

Written, Directed and Performed by Sean Lionadh

Polite Safety Notice

This animation poem is about our attitude towards climate change–should we let nature take its course or should we intervene?

A large part of the animation is made from monoprints of non-biodegradable rubbish–bubble wrap, straws, polythene bags etc.

Dir: Aindri C
Performed by Mark Fiddes