Book to Film Club

Third Monday of the Month

Depot’s Book to Film Club is a relaxed and open space to talk about books and movies. With classics, horror, and sci-fi on the shelf, there’s something for everyone to get their reading glasses on for.

Each month there will be a screening of a different film based on a book followed by a guided, friendly and informal discussion by our resident bibliophile and cinephile, Rory. You don’t need to be a professor in literature or Mark Kermode, you just need a free morning once a month to have an easy going chat about books and films over a nice cup of tea! All are welcome.

Films in this season

Sense and Sensibility U
Mon 19 Jun 11:00
When Elinor Dashwood's father dies,..

Animal Farm U
Mon 17 Jul 11:00
Part of Depot's Book to..

Atonement 15
Mon 21 Aug 11:00
Part of Depot's Book to..

No Country For Old Men 15
Mon 20 Nov 11:00
Part of Depot's Book to..

Brooklyn 12A
Mon 18 Dec 11:00
Part of Depot's Book to..