Documenting Reality: Documentary in a new Light

Documentaries have changed! It is now a genre full of innovation and engaging stories about unknown worlds and experiences.
This course introduces you to the exciting world of documentary filmmaking as you never see it on TV and rarely in the cinema. The art of storytelling has long inspired documentary filmmakers to use sophisticated and creative ways to engage audiences. In this 6 week course we are exploring the techniques used to tell compelling true stories about the human experience in an ever-changing cultural, political and economic climate.

The course is led by Wilma de Jong, Senior Lecturer at the University of Sussex. Each session will start with an introduction using clips of a variety of films related to the theme of the week, followed by the screening of one feature length documentary. The films included in this course are SickoWaltz with Bashir, The Mulberry House, Stories We Tell, The Story of the Weeping Camel and Afghan Star. Discussions can continue in the restaurant after the film.

Individual lectures and screenings on this course can still be booked including on Thursday March 29  Afghan Star.