Music and Hollywood

Terry Davies, Olivier Award winning composer and BAFTA nominee, explores the world of film music in this free online course. You can join any time.

Each week a different era of Hollywood will be explored through its music.

14  July  Sunrise & the 20s (MQ1)
Sunrise        F W Murnau
                     music: Hugo Riesenfeld or ‘Roxy’ Rockafel & Erno Rapee
The Wind    Victor Seastrum
                     music: Fabrice Jünger
The Crowd  King Vidor
                     music: Carl Davis
Wings          William A Wellman
                     music: J S Zamecnik

21 July  The Adventures of Robin Hood & the 30s (MQ2)
28 July   Citizen Kane & the 40s (MQ3)
4 August   Sunset Boulevard & the 50s (MQ4)
11 August  The Magnificent Seven & the 60s (MQ5)

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