Documentary and Social Change

Documentary and Social Change; From the Fringes to the Mainstream

5 week course. Starting on 25th April

Thursdays – 19:00 – 21:15

Documentary has a long tradition of addressing controversial topics that provoke public debate and effect social, cultural and political change. New issues emerge constantly in any society and are often raised by people on the fringes of society before the issue enters mainstream debate. Documentary plays an important role in that process and  introduces audiences to new topics and their possible solutions. This course will address some of these issues via four contemporary documentaries in which the main characters are brave, courageous or forceful individuals committed  to raising vitally important issues and initiating public debate.

Each film will be introduced and contextualised with clips from other relevant films by Wilma De Jong of the University of Sussex. The films will be followed by a discussion of the key social issue and of the filmic approach of the director. On one evening local filmmakers will show shorts in relation to environmental issues, homelessness and how we collect stuff and create waste. We won’t only raise the issues but also consider how they could be solved.

The full course costs £50 and the featured films will be confirmed in the near future.