Important Dalliance
Family Notice

Dear families!

As we welcome Dalliance back for another summer season, we need to make you aware of some important changes.

Dalliance became hugely popular last summer and it was wonderful to welcome so many families to our garden to enjoy the live music and street food.

But with a larger number of small people on our site, we became aware of some new health and safety hazards, which have prompted us to make some changes for this year. Keeping everyone safe whilst having fun is our top priority.


  • Children under 12 are welcome at Dalliance until 19:00.
  • Our terrace and garden are designed for eating, drinking and restaurant use, and we therefore cannot allow climbing anywhere on our premises. Our staff cannot monitor this in a large crowd and we need parents & guardians to take an active role in ensuring that their children do not climb on site.
  • There are a number of trip hazards on our terrace and in our garden that cannot be removed, such as stairs, umbrella stands and uneven ground. We ask that no running takes place on our premises, to prevent trips and falls for both customers and our staff.
  • We have regular breakages of glass and we ask that all customers wear footwear whilst on our premises to prevent injury.
  • The sliding doors on our main entrance are a hazard for small fingers. Please ensure that your children do not play with them.
  • At the back of the building we have a ‘staff only’ area where we store our extremely heavy beer barrels, which is not a safe area for children to play. Please ensure that you supervise your children at all times.
  • We have a different food vendor each week and whilst they try their best to cater to everyone, it’s best to check the menu in advance to ensure they have something your little ones might like to eat. We don’t allow food to be brought onto our premises, whilst the food vendor is serving. You are welcome to bring a small snack for younger children in case of wait times or buy snacks such as crisps, nuts or bread sticks at the bar. We also have a brand new range of delicious ice creams on offer!
  • Most visitors to Dalliance are fantastic and extremely understanding of our safety requirements, but we have unfortunately encountered a small handful of families that have repeatedly disregarded our staff members’ attempts to manage safety on site. Our staff reserve the right to ask any customer to leave if these instances occur again.

Thank you for reading, and we look forward to welcoming you and your family back to Dalliance this summer!


If you have any questions or would like further clarification, please contact our Events Manager, Bonnie, on [email protected], or our Restaurant Manager, Steven, on [email protected].