The Swimmer

Dir: Adam Kalderon
Cast: Omer Perelman Striks, Asaf Jonas, Ofek Nicki-Cohen
84mins   2021    Israel   15   HebrewEnglishRussian    Subtitled   

Part of QueerFest 2023

Erez, a rising star in the Israeli swimming scene, arrives at a godforsaken training camp held in a boarding school, where the one to win the competition gets a ticket to the Olympics. There he meets the beautiful and talented Nevo, who awakens subconscious desires in him. However, their swimming coach does not believe in friendship between competitors. Warned to stay away from Nevo, Erez is still too attracted to him. In between practices, he attempts to act upon his feelings and understands that winning a medal is less important than winning Nevo's heart.

'Five chiseled male bodies race with vigorous agility in “The Swimmer,” a brightly colored and cleverly erotic queer sports drama' - Carlos Aguilar, Los Angeles Times


Wed 8 February