Depot’s Kino Collective

Welcome to Depot’s KINO Collective! We are a group of young adults who share an enthusiasm and appreciation for cinema, and it is our hope that you will too!

We aim to expose more people our age to a diverse range of powerful and enjoyable films, and in doing so build a community of avid young cinema-goers who are eager to explore the varied and transporting world of the movies. Here are some examples of films we’ve screened and liked; But I’m a Cheerleader, Hard To Be a God, Queen and Slim.

As a group, we all work together to bring you this experience. This means that our social media, our marketing materials, everything right down to this webpage you’re reading right now, are all written, produced and distributed by us.

Check out our social media for news about upcoming screenings, film recommendations and to hear us review films.

Screenings & events


Thursday 27 January, 18:00
Certificate 12A

Love it or hate it, Twilight (2008) is becoming a teen classic for the new generation. It’s 2000s appropriate GCI and questionable acting has defined its place in the hall of fame of movies “so bad they’re good”. We at the KINO Collective have a personal aim to remind our customers of the good times, focusing on nostalgia no matter how corny. If you, like us, appreciate the old days, slap on that eyeliner and straighten that side fringe! We would love to see you there! 

 “If I could dream at all, it would be about you” – Edward Cullen